Online web stores offer numerous benefits for companies and sports programs seeking efficient ways to manage orders for their athletes or employees. By implementing an online ordering system, organizations can streamline the process, saving time and resources previously spent on manual order-taking.


Online web stores provide a convenient platform for athletes or employees to place orders at their own convenience. They no longer need to coordinate with a designated individual to submit their orders.


1. Pick Items & Approve Artwork

Choose desired items from the store catalog and approve artwork designs. This step ensures customization and alignment with the company or program's branding.

2. Collect Orders

Athletes or employees place their orders online, selecting preferred items and specifying quantities. This centralizes order collection and simplifies the process for participants.

3. Fulfillment

Once orders are received, items are assembled and packaged per individual order specifications. If shipping is opted for and paid, orders are promptly dispatched to the designated recipients, ensuring timely delivery.

Ready to Launch your Online Store?

Implementing an online web store for ordering offers a range of benefits for companies and sports programs alike. From increased convenience and accuracy to improved efficiency and customization, online ordering systems provide a modern solution for managing orders and enhancing the overall experience for athletes or employees.